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You   have   fulfilled   your   dream   of   owning   a   property   in Florida   and   now   you   are   looking   for   a   reliable   property management? You    would    like    to    spend    your    vacation    in    beautiful Florida and are looking for the right accommodation? We can help . In   addition   to   the   classic   property   management   and vacation   rental,   we   also   offer   various   services   around your home. Many    homeowners    do    not    live    in    the    area    and therefore   are   in   need   of   a   reliable,   serious   and   honest property    management.    This    includes    a    transparent      monthly billing and satisfied guests. We    own    a    couple    of    vacation    homes    ourselves    for years    and    so    we    know    very    well    which    things    are important for a homeowner and landlord.  



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On   our   site   we   have   put   together   some   information   for   you.   Of course,   not   all   your   questions   can   be   answered.   We   look   forward to   a   non-binding   conversation   either   by   phone   or   in   person   when you are here in Florida. Puchinger      LLC       -      Your      experienced      German      property management   and   vacation   rental   in   Cape   Coral,   Florida.   That   is what our name stands for since 2010 .

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